This week is the fourth week since starting my internship at Waag. So far i really like everything i do and the overload of extremely interesting things to learn. Preferably i want to learn everything, fablab/bio-hack/fabrilab combined but sadly i don’t have enough time so i have to narrow my subjects.


I do want to focus on food (food-tech/science, but also engineering things for food). It doesn’t have to be really strict but i think it will be good to work within a theme.


I spent a lot of time taking care of the ferments. I do want do keep fermenting but i don’t want it to consume all my time. Although i don’t think it needs to, now everything has been set up. I can make a schedule for what needs to be done on a daily/weekly basis.


To optimize my workflow and to stay focussed i want to work with sprints. I want to pick one topic per week to focus on. I want to try to minimize the time i spend on documenting and do this in my own time.


I also want to write a small reflection at the end of each week to see if i completed my goals and to check if i can improve anything.

Flexible attitude

Last but not least i do want to stay flexible and allow myself to also focus on unexpected interesting subjects.

TO DO to incorporate this:

  • Make rough week-schedule (lectures, documentation, ferments, week-reflection)

  • Make list of subjects i want to research

  • Make list of possible projects