I made an assessment of what projects i want to do in my remaining time at Waag.


I ordered them by priority, the upper post-its being projects with higher priority, and de lower post-its are not urgent.

Main project

For my main project i want to further develop my fermentation machine. I want to add features, and make it more than just a plastic box with a homemade incubator.

What i want to do & what do i need:


Learn how to make a PCB

-> Watch Fabacademy tutorials

-> Wait for Henk/Michele to start with making a programmer

-> Learn Kicad

-> Start with small project (LED for box)

Other heating element (& PID fine tuning)

Look into other heating elements (start with IR -> Ask Henk (Google was unsuccesful))

Buy new element

PID control/fine tuning


Time control & alarm

Make list for needed components

Write code

Humidity measurement & control (aircirculation)

Other chip to measure (instead of BME280) -> Ask Henk which one

Ultrasonic humidifier + basetank


Research different materials (Mycelium? Wood?)


Make CAD


Live PH measurement

Look into digital PH probes -> how do they work, compatible with microcontroller?

Order or build own

App to control machine and alarms

Dive into app design & development

Networking & communication of MC to phone/computer? Or MIM (RaspberryPi?)

Separate box for liquids (airstone/pump)

What do i need for fermenting liquids? -> research & make list


Measure bad bacteria

Prob not possible; how to set “sterile environment?” -> Make alarm for when conditions are not met?

Side projects

Making full use of Fablab

G-Code 3D printing & 3D printing

Dive into G-code

Ideas for 3D prints

CNC projects


Lasercut projects


Vinyl projects


CRISPR/CAS9 - biolumnicent bacteria - Glow in the dark yeast!

Ask Cas for when we can do this experiment.

Mycelium materials

Research possible purposes

Biolab: Make mother starter.

Make mould for growing mycelium


Slime-mold robot

Kefirgrain plastic

Easy to learn but not top priority


Ask Michelle to show sewing machine -> DONE

Pick up sewingmachine at dads place

Practise with old clothes

Look at pinterest for ideas for first projects (totebag?)

Kombucha leather experiments

Research how to make better material


Could be done another time / low priority

Molecular flavor pairing

Watch lectures on youtube

Hard kombucha

Make F1

Order ale or champagne yeasts

Wood kombucha

Make F1

Order woodchips

Kinect/image tracking

Buy Kinect

Get Openkinect to work on computer



Watch tutorials

Ask Yara