Milk kefir

Today i started working on the kefir grains. Henk brought both water and milk kefir grains. My goal is to make vegan milk kefir (and maybe even kefir yoghurt and kefir cheese).


Milk kefir feeds on lactose and although it is possible to make a few batches of plant-based milk kefir, the kefir-grains needs lactose after 3-6 rounds of plant-based kefir.

I would like to research if its possible to “train” the milk kefir grains to feed on other sugar sources than lactose and to be stable over time.

Before i start with this process i want the grains to be in optimal conditions and to reproduce. Therefor i’ll make a few rounds of cow-milk kefir.

So as the bad vegan i am i went to the supermarket and bought my first package of milk in years ;)

Preparing first batch

I started on straining the grains using a nut-milk bag and a colander. Then i weighed the grains and added them to 500ml of biological pasteurized full fat milk.



Results of first batch

After 1,5 day (21-03 16:30 - 23-03 14.00) i tasted the milk kefir and removed the grains. I weighed the grains and put them in a jar with 500ml new milk.

Milk kefir grains growing:

x Start Batch 1 Batch 2
grams 40g 65g  

Water kefir

I also prepared a fresh batch of water kefir. I want to try fermenting plant-based milk with water kefir grains as well, but i started with a simple batch to get the grains in good condition. I did forget to weight the grains.

I used 1L of water, 8g of sugar, 2 dried figs and 2 slices of lemon.


I tasted this batch after one day of fermenting, but i didn’t like it. It was tasteless and slightly bitter.

Apparently i used was too less sugar. I tried a second batch with 40g of sugar. This tasted better but not perfect yet.

[28-03-2022] I now added 60g of sugar to see if taste improves

The family of ferments is growing very rapidly