Week 9

Mon 25/04

Tue 26/04

Thu 28/04

Fri 29/04

Week 8

Mon 18/04 Free because of Easter

Tue 19/04

Thu 21/04

Fri 22/04

Week 7

Mon 11/04 Lecture about CRISPR. Introduction to protocol.

Tue 12/04 Lab-day, performing CRISPR.

Thu 14/04 Documentation. Helped Bio-hack academy students with 3D printing.

Fri 15/04 Half day because of Good Friday. Fusion360 tutorials.

Week 6

Mon 04/04 Don’t remember (whoops)

Wen 06/04 Making a 3D model using slicer for Fusion360 and the laser-cutter. Class about machine design.

Thu 07/04 Looooots of documentation. Bottling kombucha and JUN

Fri 08/04 3D scanning and printing.

Week 5

Mon 28/03 Fixed scale. Watched Fusion tutorials. Took care of ferments. Destroyed (and fixed!) site

Tue 29/03 Added collections to site. Documentation. Made new batch of jun. Took care of kefir.

Thu 31/03 Class about output devices. Played around with stepper motors and how to calc/measure drawn current. Set up experiment for slime-molds. Took care of kefir

Fri 01/04 Gave a kombucha workshop. Dyeing with bacteria in the bio-lab.

Week 4

Mon 21/03 Bottled Jun, made new Jun and milk kefir. Prepped remaining wax bricks. Tried Imagemagick. Worked on documentation.

Tue 22/03 Joined Bio-hack academy about living organisms.

Wed 23/03 Took care of ferments. Documenting. Fabacademy presentations and class.

Thu 24/03 Meet-up with class from HKU, visited Eye museum. Watched demonstration about casting and moulding. Tested some different casting materials

Fri 25/03 Set up SCOBY for growing bio-material.

Week 3

Mon 14/03 Sick. Made this site.

Tue 15/03 Sick.

Thu 17/03 Class about embedded programming. Waag party.

Fri 18/03 Prepping wax for casting and moulding.

Week 2

Mon 07/03 Made kombucha and Jun! First time seeing the CNC running. Looked into how to mill a PCB.

Tue 08/03 Meeting new intern, helped her setting up a documentation site. Wrote manual on setting up Ruby & Jekyll on MacOS.

Thu 10/03 Sick.

Fri 11/03 Sick. Read up on how to use markdown. Looked at themes for my documentation website.

Week 1

Tue 01/03 First day! Looked into SSG’s and how to use one for my documentation site. Viewed projects from previous Fabacademy students. Viewed Fabacademy/Fabricademy documentation.

Wed 02/03 Looked into GIT, joined Fabacademy Class about 3D print assignment. Watched presentations from Fabacademy students from nearby Fablabs. Installed software i might need.

Thu 03/03 Fabacademy class about electrical components & Kicad. Played a bit with Kicad.

Fri 04/03 Made my first laser-cut, struggled finishing Ruby & Jekyll install.