I want to improve my site by adding two separate pages. One of the pages looks similar to my index page, but contains posts of projects i want to do in the future and other inspiration. The second page orders all my posts based on categories.

I studied my current repository and looked at how my index page behaved. I added a folder called “_future_projects” and made a test-post.


Then i made a future.html file in my root and copied the content of index.html. I replaced the “post” with “future_projects”


This didn’t do much. Since this sentence is not HTML, but probably Markdown or Jekyll code, i googled “how to create similar folder as _posts in Jekyll site. This stackoverflow page referred me to the Jekyll documentation page about Collections.

I had to declare a collection in my _config.yml file called “future_projects”. I wanted a listed view of the future projects pages, so i also had to put output: true


Now i could see a similar list as seen on my index page, but with pages saved in my _future_projects folder!