3D scanning

We used the Sense scanner to make a virtual 3D model of our selves. This had to be done very careful and slow, otherwise the scanner lost it’s origin-point and the 3d-scanning had to be repeated.


After finishing the scan, i edited my hair and the beard and snotty nose the scanner gave me. To do this i used the erase and trim tool. Once finished i used solidify and exported the scan to an .obj file.



Preparing file for printing

To prepare the 3D model for the 3D printer i used the PrusaSlicer software.

First i set up the slicer by adding the printers from the Fablab.

Michelle showed some different setting like how to add support of to alter the model.

I went along with the following settings:

Print settings: 0.3 mm DRAFT

Filament: Prusament PETG

Support: None

Infill: 20%

Scale: 10%


3D printing

Michelle showed us the following steps to start the 3D printer:

  1. Turn on printer

  2. Preheat for filament - if there’s already a filament loaded, unload filament first

  3. Put in SD card (backward)

  4. Cut filament in 45 degree angle

  5. Put filament in tube

  6. Load filament

  7. Wait till filament comes trough nozzle (until a clean color comes out)

  8. Prepare print-bed (remove old filament, clean with spray)

  9. Print from SD, select file

Close door for pet - Open for pla

I Used the following filament:



When i tried to print my 3D model i ran into an error after loading the filament. I did cut the filament in a 45 degree angle and inserted it in the tube but after loading the filament no old or new filament came out of the nozzle.

Apparently i didn’t use enough force to load the filament. After inserting it again the filament loaded as normal.


My 3D printed me is no beauty but is still really recognizably me :)